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31Jan, 24 January 31, 2024Company

CEV technologies eMobility solution will start national wide soft launch of direct card payment in February 2024. At our 2 locations METRO Jankomir and METRO Sesvete, we will go live with our NFC card acceptance payment solution in February 2024. We know that according to AFIR, public charging (CPO) in EU will have to have card payment solution in place at point of charging ( in Germany with start on 13th of April 2024 ), so we have signed all needed contracts and documents with our payment provider, to proceed NFC card payment at every CEV technologies public charging station. We will also execute solution integration with our software vendor SAP, for our eMobility backend software. With this integration we are happy to be leader in eMobility Europe wide. Every payment transaction on croatian market will be proceeded under the Croatian fiscalization law . CEV technologies will also offer customer support HOT LINE 24/7 service , to be max CX eMobility provider in Croatia and abroad.