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We are the leading developer and seller of modern electric vehicle charging systems.

Our charging solution is not just selling hardware or software, it’s full customer support.


Our EV charging services


This may be your first Electric Vehicle (EV) or may just be your first charger.  In any event, you need a supplier who can explain your choices and deliver the one that best suits your needs. We understand and our experienced team will only be too happy to find a solution to suit your needs and your budget.

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We differentiate ourselves by providing innovative and easy to use solutions to our customers in the provision and operation of public charging facilities.  Because our solutions are attractive and easy to use, our customers have the highest occupancy of charging infrastructure.

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CEV technologies Fleet provides state of the art technological and support services to ensure the smooth, efficient and cost effective running of all your company’s vehicles.

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If you’re living in an apartment or you are responsible for the smooth operation of an entire block, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of considerations you’re facing when you want to make EV charging available in your car park.  Fear not! 

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We make EV Charging work.

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    eCharging Stations

    It is vital to always remain in control of your charging stations and informed about the status of your fleet.
  • 02

    Billing Services

    We can send invoices and credit notes to your customers and partners as though they came directly from you.
  • 03

    3rd Party Vendors

    Open your charging station(s) to third-party vendors to ensure the optimal utilisation of your infrastructure.
  • 04

    Europe roaming

    Enable eVehicle drivers to charge across Europe with a token, card, App or P&C technology.
  • 05

    Charge Point

    To enable our customers to focus 100% on their core business, we can manage your charging station(s) 24/7.
  • 06

    eDriver App

    eDriver App provides your customers with many practical functions that ease their charging experience.
  • 07

    API Interface

    The API interface communicates directly from your station(s) to our software back-end in real time
  • 08

    Customer Support

    Fast and competent customer service is a key component for any succesful eMobility business.
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Make the world cleaner, save natural resources, create comfort for people

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