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07Mar, 24 March 7, 2024Company

We believe that many eMobility solutions on the global market are not easy to use for the endcustomers. As we at CEV technologies d.o.o. want to be cx solution provider, we have created our own solution of eMobility. We think this is where the future of this business is going to. With our eMobility solution you don’t need to have any memberships, contracts, apps, QR codes, you don’t have to do any downloads on the charging point,.. All you have to do is to plug in your EV to our public charger, to tap your credit/debit card on payment terminal, the charging session will start and charge your EV. That is all, as simple as that. Our payments solution accept all kind of schemes MastercardVisa, .. Of course according the craoatian law of fiskalization you will get your invoice for every charging session at CEV technologies d.o.o. charging point. With our solution we are also before the time considering AFIR EU regulation. For our solution we use only high quality products, here is connect public charger of our long term partner HEIDELBERG AMPERFIED what can be seen on the photo, what can’t be seen is, we are running the solution on SAP backend software, also our long term partner. Now as our eMobility solution is ready to use, we can deliver it to many new locations. A big thank you goes to our partners HEIDELBERG AMPERFIEDSAP and some others working on the project as well and of course to our future users and customers as we are ready now to proceed financial transactions and get some sells.