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04srp, 24 srpanj 4, 2024Company

CEV technologies attending Energy summit on 18th of Jun in Munich Germany.

Wow, what a Summit under the sunny sky of Munich!

The event started off with an opening from Christoph Strasser, CEO of MaxSolar, setting the stage for focused discussions on commercial and industrial decentralized energy solutions in Germany and Europe. This was followed by an insightful keynote from Katharina David, Board Member of the Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft and CEO of K2 Systems, who shared her perspective on the new energy market, its challenges, and opportunities.

In the afternoon, we were privileged to hear from industry experts and key stakeholders during two great panels on financing models for decentralized energy and practical applications, providing valuable insights on best practices, benefits, and lessons learned.

And that’s not all! They had many more engaging sessions with fantastic speakers taking the stage in an interactive hot seat about the current market situations as well as a presentation about holistic energy concepts and sector coupling with a deep dive into different European countries.

However, they are not done yet. MaxSolar’re looking forward to a fantastic networking evening with all participants and a great start of Intersolar tomorrow!